Practically Raw 6 Week Challenge

So, I visited my naturopath last week. I received my blood work back.  Sugar level was at 103. Cholesterol level is at 223. HDL at 39. LDL at 139. Triglycerides at 224. These numbers all in all are not too bad, but I would like to get them down. More specifically, I’d like to work on the sugar and the triglyceride levels. I’m not sold that high cholesterol levels contribute to heart disease, but I’ll leave that for another  blog post.

Ever since we came back from Maui last week and ate at the raw food bar, I have been enchanted with incorporating more raw foods into my diet. Not just carrot sticks and celery mind you. I want more delicious, creative raw dishes that make my eyes grow huge in amazement when I take the first bite.

Coming back to the Seattle area, I could NOT believe how hard it was to find any classes in raw food preparation. Long story short, I rented Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live FoodDVD so that I could see how she prepared raw foods. After researching reviews on amazon for raw books and borrowing from the library, I decided to purchase Chef Amber Shea’s Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make book.

I love Chef Amber’s philosophy of being “practically raw” and being “flexible” with your diet. Allowing yourself adjust, adapt and be amenable to modifications. Do the best you can with the best ingredients you can get your hands on. Or be flexible and just use what you have on hand. Use your dehydrator or bake it in the oven. It’s entirely up to you. I also love that Chef Amber really likes to enjoy her food and not be pigeonholed into a specific type of eater as it sets one up for failure. I also love that she shared that you don’t have to be 100% raw to be part of the “raw food movement”. Her journey is incredible. The information that she shares is enlightening and informative. Her book is very organized. Amber is completely non-judgmental and that really drew me more to her.

Back to my blood work results, I am starting a 6 week challenge using Chef Amber’s book as my guide to delicious, practically raw food good eats. I believe that diet can reverse many diseases. I really need to focus on getting my blood sugar and triglyceride levels down. I want to be a good role model for my daughter, The Happy One. Because there are no processed foods and everything is whole food, I believe that by using Chef Amber’s recipes, my levels will be affected positively. I’d like to preface this post by stating that eating practically raw may or may not bring these levels down. Everyone’s body is unique. What has worked for another, may not work for me. If anything, I know that I will feel much better by incorporating raw foods into my diet.

Back to the 6 week Practically Raw challenge, I will attempt to make all the recipes in Chef Amber’s book. I will comment on the recipes and try to follow them exactly (allowing myself some flexibility where needed). I hope that you take interest in this journey and will learn some new things along the way!


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